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Hrdlovačka komínových rour

Instructions for use

It is necessary to comply that each polyamide part can not be laid over the dividing plane of the basic  six-table. These polyamide parts need to be laid on single extensible segments. For expand to larger diameter use the manual bellow:


1. The  tube or reduction to expand put on selected diameter of jaws.

2. Let´s start with expand of jaws till the resistence of lever indicates that you start to expand the throat of tube.

3. You need to check the scale of gauge from this moment. You can drag requested diameter about  1 mm at least. For example; you will expand the reduction from 140 mm to 150 mm. It is necessasry to drag it a little more for the first time because the material is drawn between individual segments.

4. You have to depress the plunger a little bit down and release the jaws after the first expansion. Then you need to throw out the tube and turn it out of jaws to put the tucked parts of throat on middle of jaws.

5. You can continue with expansion of tube, when you put it on jaws again. Now you already need to expand for requested diameter.

6. If we choose this procedure, the throat of tube should be round without visible edges after one rotation.

Stainless steel – thickness till 1 mm
Carbon steel – thickness till 2 mm


Keep clean.

Regularly lubricate friction surface of stainless jaws and polyamide cone with silicone spray (admixture of teflon).

Regularly lubricate lower friction surface of circular ring and six-table lower segments.


Don´t lubricate the places between upper  friction surface of circular ring and six-table upper segments! 

Periodically check the tightening of the hex keys with conical abutment.

Don´t  expand to stop (deformation hazard)!
Maximal expansion for one move is 25 mm.
Put the device into basic position after each use and close off the bleed screw.